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Field Course Grants

Field Course Grants: For qualified applicants, field course grants will provide up to 1/2 the additional cost of a field course, for expenses above and beyond tuition. First-time applicants are given priority; however, all applications will be considered. Successful applicants must have demonstrated academic success and a commitment to the ENVS major or minor by having completed at least two of the intermediate breadth major requirements (Ecology, Earth & Atmospheric Sciences, Environmental Policy). Submit application materials to Leah Thomas, Undergraduate Programs Coordinator: Math and Science Center, Suite E510, Room E520. Awardees must meet with Dept. Administrator Jerry Byrd for instructions regarding disbursement of funds.

To apply, students will submit the following:

1. Application Statement Essay

  • Please provide an introduction addressing your interest in the field experience. Additionally, your application should address the following questions:
  •  Please list the Intermediate Breadth courses that you have taken within the ENVS major.
  • Relate the expertise derived from courses previously taken to this field experience.
  • How do you envision this field experience integrating with your future academic endeavors?

2. A letter of support from one ENVS faculty member.

Note the following deadlines:

*ENVS 242: Modern and Ancient Tropical Environments Field Course - Deadline: OCTOBER 30.

*ENVS 372: Ecology of the Tropics Field Course - Deadline: OCTOBER 30.

*SAF ENVS 446: Field Studies Southern Africa - Deadline: FEBRUARY 15. For further details about the Africa Field Course, please contact Emory College Study Abroad.