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Internship Program

ENVS recommends environmentally-based internships for those students who want to gain hands-on, practical experience in their area of interest. Internships can be paid or unpaid, local or international; they can last just a few weeks in the summer or extend over an entire semester, but must be at least 160 hours.  In order to promote professionalization experiences, internships should be off the Emory campus and unrelated to Emory organizations. At least half of all internship hours should be completed in person, in the organizational setting (not through distance contact via telephone or internet).Completing both an internship and the classroom component fulfills this requirement. Internship credit is only available to ENVS majors. It is wise to consult with the Internship Coordinator before applying for the ENVS credit, to ensure that the internship is a good fit for this option. 

  • You must apply for ENVS 497 prior to beginning the internship. APPLICATION DEADLINE: June 1
  • Faculty Internship Coordinator: Professor Julie Clennon
  • Internship Administrator: Leah Thomas