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Administrative Contacts

Kim Awbrey
Graduate Academic Programs Coordinator
E527, MSC 5th Floor
Dr. Emily Burchfield
Honors Program Coordinator
E534, MSC 5th Floor
Jerry Byrd
Department Administrator, Hiring & Grants Management
E518, MSC 5th Floor
Dr. Julie Clennon
Internship Coordinator
E514, MSC 5th Floor
Dr. Shaunna Donaher
Director of Undergraduate Studies
E536, MSC 5th Floor
Dr. Thomas Gillespie
E511 Math and Science Center, 5th floor
Melissa Ivey
Program Coordinator, Travel and Expense Reimbursements
E519, MSC 5th Floor
Dr. Eri Saikawa
Director of Graduate Studies
E512 Math and Science Center, 5th floor
Leah Thomas
Undergraduate Programs Coordinator
E525, MSC 5th Floor
Dr. John Wegner
Dir. of Undergraduate Research & Study Abroad Coordinator
E522, MSC 5th Floor