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Academic Policies in ENVS

Major/Minor GPA Policy in ENVS: Per Emory College policy, a grade of D or higher is considered passing and will earn you credit for the class. Classes taken for continued writing/communication credit are an exception and must earn a C or better to receive that credit. For graduation, your overall GPA and your GPA from classes used to complete the major/minor must both be a 2.0 or higher.

S/U Policy in ENVS: Per Emory College policy, one course may be taken S/U towards the major based on the discretion of the department. In ENVS, students enrolled in the BS degree on any of the four tracks may petition for one of their external BS course requirements to be taken S/U. Interested students must meet with an ENVS advisor to discuss any post-graduate implications. Please contact the Undergraduate Academic Programs Coordinator, Leah Thomas, for a link to the request form. All ENVS courses taken to fulfill major or minor requirements must be taken for a grade.

Cross-Listed Courses: Regarding cross-listed special topics courses: For ENVS majors and minors, one special topics cross-listed course (3 credits or more) where the home department is not ENVS may count towards the upper elective requirement for BA or BS majors.

Regarding AP credit in ENVS: If an ENVS major has course designation noted on the Emory transcript for an AP test that was eligible for credit, but was not designated as one of the 12 allowed credits, an ENVS major may petition for ONE of those non-credit AP courses to be applied to their ENVS degree requirements. Students must submit a petition for consideration to the ENVS Undergraduate Academic Programs Coordinator, Leah Thomas. In most cases this non-credit AP will fulfill one of the external requirements for BS/ENVS majors.

Regarding study abroad credit: Please refer to the ENVS Study Abroad page. With approval of the ENVS study abroad coordinator, a maximum of three courses may be approved from the study abroad program to count towards the ENVS major (BA or BS). For students who are ENVS minors (ENVSMIN or SUSTSCI), one course from study abroad will apply. As a reminder, ALL courses must be pre-approved by the ENVS study abroad coordinator.