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Conference Travel Grants

Support for undergraduate and graduate students traveling to professional conferences in their field. Priority will be given to students presenting research findings. In the application review process, focus is on how well prepared the student is for the conference (based on the proposal, previous coursework, and the faculty letter of support) and also on how well the student is supported by his/her faculty mentor.

Students may receive up to $1,500 in reimbursement funds to cover travel costs. Application materials, accepted on a rolling basis (deadline: no later than a month prior to the conference), should be directed to Undergraduate Programs Coordinator, Leah Thomas, Math and Science Center, Room E520. Please consult your ENVS faculty research advisor for more information.

Note that airline tickets must be obtained directly through the Emory Travel Web Site. The awardee will schedule an appointment with Dept. Administrator Jerry Byrd for purchasing the airline ticket and for additional information about a disbursement of funds.

Students must provide the following information in a proposal:

  • Name and location of conference.
  • Type of presentation that will be made.
  • Why this experience is of value to the student's educational goals.
  • Detailed budget of estimated costs.
  • Information on other funding the student has received or is applying to receive, including any funding provided by the student's faculty advisor.
  • Letter of support from faculty mentor.