Study Abroad

If an academic semester abroad is part of your plan, begin to explore early! Talk to your ENVS advisor about your interests. Visit Emory College Study Abroad for the most updated information about ENVS-related programs. Professor John Wegner is the ENVS Study Abroad coordinator and can advise you on ENVS course equivalents for your study abroad classes. A list of current programs through Emory College Study Abroad for Environmental Science majors is available here.

Emory College Study Abroad is your central contact for study abroad details and information. It is important to talk to Emory College Study Abroad staff about the Emory and non-Emory programs you are interested in; their staff are experts on program details, application deadlines, and research, internship, grant and scholarship opportunities.

ENVS students wishing to fulfill ENVS degree credit through study abroad must meet with the ENVS Study Abroad Coordinator, Professor John Wegner. To ensure ENVS credit for your study abroad courses, you will need to have your courses pre-approved. When submitting courses for consideration towards your ENVS degree, please note which ENVS course you believe it to be equivalent to and submit a detailed course description or syllabus. Students must have completed ENVS 131 before earning major/minor credit for advanced courses.

Up to three courses taken abroad may be used to fulfill ENVS major requirements. ENVS course-equivalence requests must be pre-approved. Courses may be pre-approved to fulfill an Elective, Field Course, or Independent Study requirement for ENVS majors. 

In addition, a few ENVS classes include a study abroad component. Some of these classes fulfill the ENVS major Field Course requirement:

  • ENVS 371/372, Ecology of the Tropics, (offered every spring, with field component taken during Spring Break)
  • ENVS 241/242, Modern and Ancient Tropical Environments, (offered every other spring, with field component taken during Spring Break)
  • ENVS 446SAF, Field Studies in South Africa, Namibia and Botswana (offered via Emory College Study Abroad during the summer session, application deadline is March 1)

ENVS majors may apply for Lester Field Course Grants for these courses. See Lester Field Course Grant information on the ENVS website.