Lester Scholarship


James G. Lester was the founder and first chairman of the Geology Department at Emory University. An Emory College graduate, Lester joined the Emory faculty in 1919 and went on to receive his Ph.D. in Geology from the University of Colorado in 1938. He was directly responsible for securing grants and gifts to build the Geology Building on campus in 1949 (now renamed the Anthropology Building) and to build the geology Field Camp in Ringgold, GA. For over 50 years Lester was a dedicated mentor to many Emory students. He was deeply honored to have many of these same students contribute to the James G. Lester Endowment Fund, contributions which continue to fund his namesake scholarship fund.

The Department of Environmental Sciences offers scholarship/award opportunities each year for undergraduate students who are majoring in environmental sciences.  Applicants for this award must have completed ENVS 130, ENVS 131 and at least one ENVS Intermediate Breadth area course. (or Oxford College equivalents) to be eligible for consideration.

James G. Lester Scholarships

Up to $5,000 in scholarship or award funding is available to up to one rising senior each year. To be eligible, the student must be an ENVS major, have a minimum overall GPA of 3.5 and a GPA in ENVS greater than 3.5.  The student should show leadership as an ENVS student (within and/or outside the department).  The student should submit a statement of interest outlining future plans. The scholarship or award is to be used as a tuition supplement. Priority is given to students conducting research with a faculty member in ENVS or in the ENVS 4+1 programs.

Please note:

The Lester scholarship may offset financial aid that the student has been awarded. However, every effort will be made at the level of the ENVS department and the Office of Financial Aid at Emory to see that the Lester scholarship add to, and not replace, any financial-aid package that the student has in place. According to Emory’s Office of Financial Aid web site: "Emory is required to make adjustments for external scholarships and resources if a student's demonstrated eligibility (or total cost of education) has already been met. To the extent possible, it is our policy to adjust self-help awards before reducing grant."

 The following criteria are considered in the selection process:

1.      A record of significant leadership in the life of the Emory community and/or the Atlanta community

2.      Adademic excellence

3.      Excellent speaking and writing abilities

4.      Strong interpersonal skills

 Important Dates

Deadline for applications is MARCH 1. Applications are available in the ENVS office or online.

Please submit application materials to the ENVS Undergraduate Degree Program Coordinator, Katie Green, Rm E520.

The scholarship recipient will be announced by April 1. 

Click for a Microsoft Word version of the Lester application

For additional information contact Katie Green, Undergraduate Degree Program Coordinator at 404-727-9504.