Lester Grants for Research, Field Courses, Travel

The Department of Environmental Sciences offers funding opportunities each year for undergraduate majors and graduate students in Environmental Sciences. Applicants for these awards will have completed ENVS 130 and ENVS 131 or equivalent and at least one upper-level ENVS course to be eligible for consideration.

These awards are granted to support undergraduate and graduate research, to enhance educational opportunities, and to encourage environmental scholarship and leadership in the Emory community and beyond.

For further information contact Senior Lecturer Dr. John Wegner or Academic Degree Programs Coordinator Katie Green.

All awardees are required to meet with Dept. Administrator Jerry Byrd for instructions regarding disbursement of funds.


Undergraduate Awards

A. Research Grants: generally awarded to third- and fourth-year students for independent field research and scholarly projects.  Applicants are strongly encouraged to review their research proposals with Dr. John Wegner prior to submission of project proposals.

1. Emory College Independent Research Grants-Lester Research Grants: Proposals for independent research are accepted as part of application for Emory College Independent Research Grants (students CAN receive combined awards from both Emory College funds and ENVS Department Lester funds with Emory College supporting up to $750 and Lester funds supporting up to $1,500, for a funding maximum of $2,250).   Students may apply for an additional $1000 from Emory College Independent Research Grants for international travel. Submit applications via  Emory College Independent Research Grants application process and deadlines. The application form will ask that you indicate your interest in being considered for this special Independent Research Grant-Lester grant.


2. Outside of the Emory College Independent Research Grants funding cycle, research proposals can also be submitted on a rolling basis.  The format of the proposal should follow the Independent Research grant application format.  Total award possible is $1500.

Additional Research Support Opportunities

Emory College Summer Research Awards (stipend): Summer research support that provides accommodation on Emory's campus and living stipend for summer research. Can be used in conjunction with Independent Research -Lester Awards. Consult Summer Programs web site for further information.

B.  Field Course Grants: For qualified applicants, field course grants will provide up to 1/2 the additional cost of a field course, for expenses above and beyond tuition. First-time applicants are given priority; however, all applications will be considered. Successful applicants must have demonstrated academic success and a commitment to the ENVS major or minor by having completed at least two of the intermediate breadth major requirements (Ecology, Earth & Atmospheric Sciences, Environmental Policy). Submit application materials to Katie Green, Undergraduate Programs Coordinator: Math and Science Center, Suite E510, Room E520. Awardees must meet with Dept. Administrator Jerry Byrd for instructions regarding disbursement of funds.

To apply, students will submit the following:

1. Please provide an introduction addressing your interest in the field experience. Additionally, your application should address the following questions:

2. Please list the Intermediate Breadth courses that you have taken within the ENVS major.

3. Relate the expertise derived from courses previously taken to this field experience.

4. How do you envision this field experience integrating with your future academic endeavors?

A letter of support from one ENVS faculty member.

Note the following deadlines:

*ENVS 242: Modern and Ancient Tropical Environments Field Course - Deadline: OCTOBER 30.

*ENVS 372: Ecology of the Tropics Field Course - Deadline: NOVEMBER 7.

*SAF ENVS 446: Field Studies Southern Africa - Deadline: FEBRUARY 15. For further details about the Africa Field Course, please contact Emory College Study Abroad.


Graduate Student Research

1. BS/MPH Research Award: Spring Deadline: March 1
Awarded to applicants in their 4th year of the BS/MPH program for their Master's degree research. Award amount up to $1,000. Please contact Graduate Academic Services Coordinator Leah Thomas to apply.

2. BS/MS Research Award: Deadline March 1
Awarded to applicants in their 4th year of the BS/MS program for their Master's degree research. Award amount up to $5,000. Please contact Leah Thomas to apply.


Support for undergraduate and graduate students traveling to professional conferences in their field. Priority will be given to students presenting research findings. In the application review process, focus is on how well prepared the student is for the conference (based on the proposal, previous coursework, and the faculty letter of support) and also on how well the student is supported by his/her faculty mentor.

Students may receive up to $1,000 in reimbursement funds to cover travel costs. Application materials, accepted on a rolling basis (deadline: no later than a month prior to the conference), should be directed to Undergraduate Programs Coordinator, Katie Green, Math and Science Center, Room E520. Please consult your ENVS faculty research advisor for more information.

Note that airline tickets must be obtained directly through the Emory Travel Web Site per Emory Policy 2.95. The awardee will schedule an appointment with Dept. Administrator Jerry Byrd for purchasing the airline ticket and for additional information about a disbursement of funds.

Students must provide the following information in a proposal

Name and location of conference.

Type of presentation that will be made.

Why this experience is of value to the student's educational goals.

Detailed budget of estimated costs.

Information on other funding the student has received or is applying to receive, including any funding provided by the student's faculty advisor.

Letter of support from faculty mentor.