Honors Program in Environmental Sciences

Students who are majoring in Environmental Sciences and maintain a 3.5 overall GPA are eligible to write an Honors thesis once they have identified a faculty mentor who has agreed to supervise that student's Honors thesis. The honors program is conducted over both semesters of the student's senior year. Students who are interested in the program should get in touch with prospective faculty advisors for their thesis, and also contact the faculty departmental Honors coordinator, in the second semester of their junior year.

Interested? But unsure how to get started with topics for an honors thesis? Our Environmental Sciences Librarian, Kristan Majors is eager to help you develop your ideas and match you with the right faculty. Also, for help getting started please see the Environmental Honors Research Guide.

The Emory College Honors Program consists of the following requirements:

  1. The student must complete one graduate level course (500 level or higher). This course must be taken for a letter grade and must be must chosen in consultation with the Honors advisor - typically these courses are 3 or 4 credits, but must be at least 2 credits to be considered. The student must get approval from the departmental honors committee for permission to receive credit for a graduate course taken in another department.
  2. The student must register for two semesters (eight hours) of ENVS 495 (Honors Research). Generally, the first semester will be devoted to research and proposal writing. The second semester will involve completion of the thesis.
  3. The student must select a committee of at least three faculty members. Two of the committee members must be Environmental Sciences faculty, the other must be from outside the department.
  4. The student must defend their thesis to their committee in time for final submission to the College office. The thesis must be turned in by posted deadlines and conform to College guidelines. The award of Honors, High Honors and Highest Honors will be determined by the committee.


Professor Berry Brosi
Honors Program Coordinator