Concentration in Environment and Sustainability Management

The Concentration in Environment and Sustainability Management is a collaboration between the Department of Environmental Sciences in Emory College and the Goizueta Business School BBA Program. Participation is limited to BBA students and students who are Environmental Sciences majors.

This concentration provides knowledge, competencies and experiences for BA, BS and BBA students interested in pursuing careers in environmental management. BBA students who complete this concentration will focus on the history, politics and practice of the environmental fields. Environmental Sciences students who complete the concentration will acquire grounding in business principles and practices, including management, marketing, finance and strategy. All students will be required to pursue business-related and environmentally focused industry-related electives and to participate in a capstone course that will give them the opportunity to synthesize and validate their evolving perspectives in both an academic and an applied environment.

Requirements for Concentration



Environmental Core for BBA students

ENVS 131 – Introduction to Environmental Sciences with Laboratory
ENVS 120 – Introduction to Human and Natural Ecology

ENVS 225 – Institutions and the Environment   (requires ENVS 131 or ENVS 120)
ENVS 227 – Environmental Policy (requires ENVS 131 or ENVS 120 or POLS 100)


Business Core for Environmental Sciences students

Two of the following four BBA Core Classes:

BBA 220 – Finance for Non-Business Students

BBA 330 – Principles of Organization and Management
BBA 340 – Marketing
BUS 351 – Process and Systems Management (must have completed a statistics class)





Two electives must be completed from the following list.  At least one of these electives must be in the program that is not the student’s own school of enrollment.  Students may not count core classes in their own program as electives towards the concentration.  Note that many courses require core classes as prerequisites.  Consult advisors or the course catalog for complete information.

Concentration Electives offered through the BBA Program

BUS 331 – Management Strategy

BUS 432 – Negotiations

BUS 450 – Foundations of Digital enterprises and Markets

BUS 342 – Market Intelligence
BBA 440 – Non-Profit Marketing

BUS 441 – Ideation

BBA 446 – Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC)

BBA 336 – Non-profit consulting

BBA 332 – Corporate Social Responsibility & Sustainability

BBA 431 – Social Enterprise

BUS 352 – Project Management and collaboration

BUS 358 – Decision Tools and Visualization

Concentration Electives offered through Environmental Studies
ENVS 225 – Institutions and the Environment  
ENVS 227 – Environmental Policy

ENVS 320 - Environmental Assessment and Management

ENVS 325 – Energy and Climate Change

ENVS 345 – Conservation Biology & Biodiversity

ENVS 377 – International Environmental Policy

ENVS 420 – Law and Biodiversity (requires permission of instructor)

ENVS 491 – Service Learning in Environmental Sciences




ECS 490  Leadership, Ethics and Organizational Effectiveness



  • Speakers and seminars
  • Internships
  • Field projects

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis but in all cases, must be submitted no later than August 15th for rising seniors.  It is to your advantage to apply prior to entering your junior year.  The cohort is limited by course capacity.  Selection is based on information provided through the application but applications for each cohort can only be considered on a space-available basis

Participation is strictly limited to BBA students or Emory College students who are Environmental Sciences majors.  The Environment and Sustainability Management Concentration will be awarded only to those participants who successfully complete a major in Environmental Sciences or the requirements for BBA degree. 


Applications are available in the BBA Program office, 1300 Clifton Rd. or the Environmental Sciences Department, 400 Dowman Drive, Suite E510.