Undergraduate Research

The Department of Environmental Sciences is pleased to offer students opportunities to apply their in-class learning to hands-on research opportunities with ENVS faculty. Students may explore different avenues while pursuing research. Some students begin with a research sequence (ENVS 299, 399, 499) as early as their freshmen or sophomore year. Others may begin the research sequence and conclude with an honors thesis. For students interested in research that takes them beyond the Emory campus, ENVS offers financial support through our Lester Research Grant and a partnership with Emory College's Independent Research Grant.

We encourage students to approach faculty early with research interests. As a testament to how research culminates for some of our students, we have listed the most recent honors thesis titles from ENVS students. ENVS students do NOT need to pursue an honors thesis to conduct research, this is meant to simply offer a snap-shot of student research in ENVS.

2017 Honors Research

Will Koval - "The interactive effect of environmental stochasticity and resource driven intraspecific competition on Culex quinquefasciatus (Diptera:Culicidae) larval productivity"

Vicky Wu - "Garbage burning in South Asia – how important is it to the regional air quality?"

Andriana Miljanic - "Bee Communities in Biofuel Production Plantations: Interactive Effects of Local-Level Management and Landscape Context"

Emily Li – “Climate Change Is in the Air”

Ginny Leoffler – "A Comparative Evaluation and Application of Established Urban Carbon Sequestration Tools"

2016 Honors Research

Laila Atalla - "Release from interspecific competition results in species niche expansion in bumble bees"

Jamie Botsch - "Impacts of Forest Fragmentation on Species Diversity of Orchid Bees (Apidae: Euglossini) in the Chocó Biodiversity Hotspot of Northwest Ecuador"

Hsini (Cindy) Chu - "Contaminant removal of non-pollen material in palynologic samples for DNA barcoding"

2015 Honors Research

Jasmine Hensley - "Prevalence of Piroplasmids in Ticks from Active Bobcat Territories"

Brice Lawley - "Impacts of Pine Biofuel Cultivation Management Styles on Bees' Pollen Carrying Behavior"