Kitron Lab

Uriel Kitron:

Sponsored Research

  • Quantifying Heterogeneities in Dengue Virus Transmission Dynamics. NIH. With Gonzalo Vazquez-Propkopec, ENVS
  • The Burden of Chikungunya and Dengue Transmission, Infection and Disease in Kenya. NIH.
  • Climate variability, Pastoralism, and Commodity Chains in Ethiopia and Kenya. USAID Adapting Livestock Systems to Climate (with Peter Little, Anthropology).
  • Dengue and Chikungunya virus transmission In Salvador, Bahia, Brazil. Brazil Science without Border Program.

Additional Research

  • The eco-epidemiology of West Nile virus emergence and transmission in urban areas, including a local study in the Atlanta area (with Gonzalo Vazquez Prokopec)
  • With Jeff Lesser (History) we are initiating an interdisciplinary study titled: “Metropolis, Migration and Mosquitoes: Historicizing Health Outcomes in São Paulo, Brazil.”

Kitron lab

West Nile Virus Research