Jerald Byrd (Jerry)

Academic Department Administrator

Lead administrator in the Department of Environmental Sciences. Primary responsibilities include:

  • Grant accounting: pre-award and post-award phases
  • Budget management: departmental operations account and faculty research accounts
  • Web site management and design
  • Human Resources representative: hiring/supervising staff and student employees, overseeing payroll
  • International student and scholar liaison: processing H-1B, J-1 visas, etc.
  • Purchasing and operations management
  • Faculty search management

Katie Green

Academic Degree Programs Coordinator

  • oversees undergraduate degree programs
  • advises undergraduate students on major/minor requirements and graduation requirements
  • tracks student progress torward degree and responds to student inquiries regarding degree requirements

Leah Thomas

Graduate Academic Services Coordinator

  • oversees graduate programming in Environmental Sciences including the MS, BS/MS and BS/MPH
  • advises students in the Master of Science and 4+1 BS/MS and 4+1 BS/MPH

Melissa Ivey

Administrative Assistant

Kristan Majors Chilcoat

Environmental Sciences Librarian, Woodruff Library