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Since arriving at Emory in 2013, Dr. Eri Saikawa has been busy building bridges. Never one to work in isolation, Dr. Saikawa has been working to bring climate stakeholders together across the Emory community in a multitude of ways.  As one of the founders of Climate@Emory and the faculty sponsor of the Emory Climate Organization, Dr. Saikawa is invested in bringing together students and faculty, with expertise across disciplines, to address the multi-faceted challenges of climate change.

In fall 2015, she co-taught a Coalition of the Liberal Arts (CoLA) course that was the first to bring an Emory delegation to the United Nations Framework for Climate Change Conference (COP 21) in Paris in November 2015. That work continued in November 2016, when she again accompanied a delegation to COP 22 in Marrakech, Morocco. The student reflections on their experience from both delegations speak volumes about the personal and practical gains garnered from their experiences in Paris and Marrakech.

A peek at Dr. Saikawa’s group is a reflection of the opportunities for both undergraduates and graduates to engage in interdisciplinary research on the environment.  Students with interests in environmental sciences, physics, political science, economics and public health have all found a way to engage in the work being done in the Saikawa group. We invite you to find out more about Dr. Saikawa and her research through her website or follow her on Twitter @esaikawa