Gonzalo Vazquez-Prokopec

Associate Professor

Global Health Institute Faculty Distinction Fund Awardee

Office: E530 Math and Science Center 5th floor

Phone: 404-727-4217

Email: gmvazqu@emory.edu

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  • M.Sc. , University of Buenos Aires
  • Ph.D., University of Buenos Aires
  • Post-doc., Emory University


Research at the Vazquez-Prokopec lab lies at the interface between ecology, statistics and public health and aims to understand the major determinants in the occurrence, transmission and local propagation of major vector-borne and parasitic diseases. Primary research areas at the Vazquez-Prokopec lab include ecology of infectious diseases, urban ecology and global health. We take a multi-disciplinary approach to study the contribution of urban landscapes to the occurrence of vector-borne diseases, the biology and ecology of insect vectors and disease reservoir hosts, the contribution of human and vector behavior to pathogen transmission and the role of host movement in disease transmission dynamics.

Current active projects at the Vazquez-Prokopec lab study the urban ecology of West Nile virus in Atlanta, GA; the spatial epidemiology of dengue virus in Cairns, Australia; the contribution of human movement to the dynamics of dengue virus transmission in Iquitos, Peru; the contribution of animal movement on pathogen spillover into Gombe National Park, Tanzania; the eco-epidemiology of Chagas disease in northwestern Argentina.    

Courses taught

ENVS 483/EH583 Spatial Analysis in Disease Ecology

ENVS 459 Urban Ecology and Development

ENVS 385 Population Ecology

ENVS Research Sequence (ENVS 299, 399, 499)