Kristan Majors Chilcoat

IM: KristanCLibrary

Primary Office: Woodruff Library, 540 Asbury Circle

Environmental Studies Office: Room 536E
Office Hours: Thursday, 1 pm to 4 pm

B.S. in Ecology, University of Georgia
MLIS, University of South Carolina

I am a native of Georgia and a graduate of the University of Georgia’s Institute of Ecology.  My field experience includes studying jellyfish as potential environmental indicators for the Florida Bay and tracking mice to study habitat fragmentation at the Savannah River Ecology Lab.  While at UGA, I also had the great opportunity to work with Dr. Eugene Odum, “the father of modern ecology,” in the Odum Library. My time at UGA helped me realize I love learning about and working with a variety of researchers. Hence, I decided to become a librarian where I can be involved in environmental research, yet each day the research topic may be something new.

As the Environmental Studies Librarian at Emory University, I work with faculty and students on numerous projects including:

  • Working with students enrolled in ENVS 495R Honors Research and ENVS 499 Individual Research.
  • Buying books, documentaries, and journals by request for honors students and faculty, and for the promotion of film series.
  • Assisting students preparing for fellowship, job, and graduate school interviews.
  • Supporting research projects, such as presentations, papers, theses, articles, and lab reports.

Please feel free to drop by during my ENVS office hours or contact me for an appointment. I am available to work with groups or individuals.