2016-2017 News Archive

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Experts warn of impending extinction of many of the world's primates • 1/19/17

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Faculty Highlights - Fall 2016 • 11/4/16

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Lecture-Track Faculty Position in Environmental Field Teaching l 10/19/16

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Pistil-packing science: Pollen genetics could help fight crime l 9/8/16

The Kitron Lab and former PhD student, Rebecca Levine, on how cardinals may reduce West Nile virus spillover in Atlanta l 8/10/16

Dinosaur tracks lead paleontologist through museum to mentor's discovery l 7/29/16

Chasing fire: Fever and human mobility in an epidemic l 7/19/16

Professor Kitron's interview in eScienceCommons: Why Zika risk is low for Olympic athletes in Rio l 7/5/16