4+1 BS/MPH

The Department of Environmental Sciences and the Department of Environmental Health in Rollins School of Public Health collaboratively offer this  4+1 degree program. Students accepted to the program will have the opportunity to complete a Bachelor of Science degree in Emory College in Environmental Sciences and a Master of Public Health degree in Environmental Health in five years.

For the most detailed information:



Students will take courses in Emory College as BS/Environmental Sciences majors while also taking graduate level public health courses. Students are expected to have a strong foundation in chemistry and biology prior to full matriculation in the Rollins School of Public Health.


Students applying to the program must be sophomore Environmental Sciences majors with a cumulative grade point average at the time of admission of 3.25 or higher. Students must maintain at least the 3.25 overall grade point average through completion of their undergraduate degree.

Students will need to have completed ENVS 130: Environmental Sciences and ENVS 131: Intro. to ENVS Field Studies OR OX_ENVS 131 (Oxford). Additionally, at least two courses within the ENVS Intermediate Breadth Requirements (Ecology & Conservation, Earth Science or Social Science & Policy or Oxford equivalents). The courses must be in two separate breadth areas. Enrollment in ENVS 260 is also recommended. See ENVS Course Descriptions for more detailed course information. 

How do I apply?

Applicants are accepted primarily on the basis of performance and promise as Emory College or Oxford College undergraduate students. Students apply in the spring of their second year (sophomore) year. To apply please submit the following to the graduate program coordinator, Leah Thomas, in person or via email.

Application. The application form is available here.

A one-page statement of purpose explaining your academic interests and your rationale for entering the program.

Two letters of recommendation in sealed envelopes. One letter must be from a current ENVS (or Oxford College) professor.

Students apply in the spring of their second year (sophomore) year. Applications are accepted in early in the spring semester of each year (typically in the first week of February). Applicants will learn of acceptance status by early March. 

Contact Leah Thomas at 404-727-4985 or leah.thomas@emory.edu