Graduating Senior Awards - 2016

Continuing Excellence Recognition: This award recognizes students that have maintained consistently high academic performance over the course of their academic careers, top 60 or students of the graduating class
Camilla Schramek & Laila Atalla
Emory Senior 100 Honorary: The honor is given to the 100 most outstanding seniors in the undergraduate schools, in terms of academic excellence and community service, bestowed by The Emory Alumni Association and Student Alumni Board
Laila Atalla
Fulbright (one of only 8 from Emory)
Camilla Schramek—working in Denmark, continuing the work on greenhouse gas emissions and clean power that she started here at Emory
Bobby Jones Scholarship
Laila Atalla—will study international development at Saint Andrews University in Scotland

Departmental Lester Award: The Lester Award is given to rising senior ENVS majors who display a record of significant leadership in the life of the Emory community and/or the Atlanta community; academic excellence; excellent speaking and writing abilities; and strong interpersonal skills, as well as involvement in the department.
Jun Bin Cai & Mori Hensley
Charles Elias Shepard Scholarship: Supports graduate study for Emory graduates, only 5 recipients
Mori Hensley & Remy Landon
Honors Students—all Highest Honors: All will graduate Summa cum laude from Emory; reflective of an intensive independent intellectual work. Our department criterion is that the work is publishable at a professional level.
Laila Atalla, Jamie Botsch, Cindy Chu
Hickcox Student Leadership Award: The Hickcox Award is presented annually to one graduating senior who displays significant leadership, service, and presence within the department. 
Mori Hensley— for her academic excellence and her heavy involvement in and service to the department over the course of her college career.