Sahana Kuthyar (ENVS BS/MS): Summer field experience in Argentina

Sahana Kuthyar (4+1 BS/MS) is in the field this summer beginning work on her master's thesis. We caught up with Sahana at the beginning of her field season to find out more about her research interests and how she ended up in Argentina. Sahana is among the second cohort of students who are pursuing the 4+1 BS/MS in ENVS. Her primary advisor is Professor Tom Gillespie.
1. How did you come to major in ENVS?
I took ENVS 131 my freshmen year purely to satisfy a science requirement, but I was also interested in ecology in high school - I ended up loving the class and subject and took more classes in the department and got to know the students and faculty. I started research through SIRE in Dr. Gillespie's lab and became interested in parasites and primates - after my SIRE year had ended, I continued to work in the lab learning more about different parasites. That's how I learned about Giardia!
2. What are your research interests?
My research interests in environmental science primarily consist of parasitology, water resource management and water quality, and conservation efforts. However, the 4+1 program is designed so that you are exposed to all fields within and interdisciplinary to ENVS, which definitely helped me narrow down my thesis topic. My thesis looks at the distribution of genotypes of Giardia in howler monkeys, humans, and domesticated animals in Corrientes, Argentina. 
3. What type of research will you be doing this summer?
This summer in Argentina, I will be tracking howler monkeys and taking their samples to test for the prevalence of Giardia. I will be testing different groups of monkeys to see the extent of Giardia in the system. 
4. What do you enjoy most about being a student at Emory?
My favorite thing to do as an Emory student is to walk around campus with friends and discover new pathways and secret spots. 
Sahana spotted her first howler monkeys during her first week in Argentina!