ENVS Honors Students 2017

Congratulations to the five ENVS honors students who successfully defended their honors theses! Pictured from left to right, Emily Li, Ginny Loeffler, Andriana Miljanic & Vicky Wu (not pictured, Will Koval). This year, all five students received highest honors. Please join us in congratulating these students on their outstanding achievement.

Emily Li - “Climate Change Is in the Air”

Ginny Leoffler – "A Comparative Evaluation and Application of Established Urban Carbon Sequestration Tools"

Andriana Miljanic - "Bee Communities in Biofuel Production Plantations: Interactive Effects of Local-Level Management and Landscape Context"

Vicky Wu - "Garbage burning in South Asia – how important is it to the regional air quality?"

Will Koval - "The interactive effect of environmental stochasticity and resource driven intraspecific competition on Culex quinquefasciatus (Diptera: Culicidae) larval productivity"