Areanna Sabine (4+1 BS/MS ENVS): Summer research in Brazil

1. How did you decide to major in Environmental Sciences?
Since I was a kid, I have always enjoyed spending time outside exploring nature. I was convinced that I would be a biology major, but as I spent time studying the subject, I realized how much I love looking at the larger context of biology. I think that the interdisciplinary nature of environmental science really appeals to the way I see the world.

2. As a student in the ENVS BS/MS 4+1 program, what are your research interests?
My research interests revolve around the way in which urbanization affects ecological systems. I still am not sure exactly what I want to focus on yet; I am still very open to exploring the different aspects of urbanization and the interactions between the built up and natural environment.

3. What will you be doing this summer in Brazil?
This summer I will be working with Professor Uriel Kitron and a vector lab in São Paulo, Brazil. I will be looking at the historical spread of dengue, yellow fever, and chikungunya in a few neighborhoods in São Paulo. This summer is going to be a great experience in learning about vector ecology. I will also be spending some time working with my uncle and aunt in Curitiba, Brazil at their organic farm. I will be studying their agricultural methods and their interactions with other environmentally conscious producers whom they work with.

4. What do you enjoy most as an Emory student or what is your favorite thing to do on campus?
I love looking at how the natural world and the built up portion of Emory interact with each other on Emory’s campus. That being said, I usually can be found on the quad sitting back and enjoying the good weather when it’s around. My favorite day of the week is Tuesday because that’s when the Farmer’s Market comes around. I love seeing fresh and local food on campus and talking with the farmers and vendors.