Climate@Emory is an inter-disciplinary, university-wide initiative to advance climate change scholarship, teaching, partnership, and engagement at Emory and beyond.

Detailed information about research and opportunities within the Climate@Emory initiative can be found on their website at

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ENVS courses where climate related topics comprise over HALF of the teaching content:

  • ENVS 120: Living in the Anthropocene (Fall)
  • ENVS 229: Intro to Atmospheric Sciences with Lab (Fall)
  • ENVS 330: Climatology (Spring)
  • ENVS 331: Earth Systems Science (Spring)
  • ENVS 385: Climate Policy Seminar (Spring 2016)

ENVS courses covering climate change and climate-related topics:

  • ENVS 131: Intro to Environmental Sciences (Fall)
  • ENVS 222: Evolution of the Earth with Lab (Fall)
  • ENVS 227/ENVS 227W: Environmental Policy (Fall)
  • ENVS 241: Modern & Ancient Tropical Environments (Fall)
  • ENVS 242: Modern & Ancient Tropical Environments Field Course (Fall)
  • ENVS 350/ENVS 350W: Environmental Thought: Ethics, Philosophy, & Issues (Fall)
  • ENVS 390: Environmental Sciences Seminar (Fall)
  • ENVS 521: Environmental Assessment and Management (Fall)
  • ENVS 235: Environmental Geology (Spring)
  • ENVS 240: Ecosystem Ecology with Lab (Spring)
  • ENVS 324/ECON 385: Environmental Economics (Spring)
  • ENVS 361: Ecosystems Through Time (Spring)
  • ENVS 377/ENVS 377W: International Environmental Policy (Spring)
  • ENVS 500 : Landscape and Spatial Ecology (Spring)
  • ENVS 459: Urban Ecology and Development (Spring)