The Department of Environmental Sciences is dedicated to addressing the complex and dynamic interactions between people and the environment from both natural science and social science perspectives. Through these interdisciplinary perspectives, and by integrating research, teaching, and service, our goal is to advance knowledge and prepare the next generation of researchers and practitioners. We strive to exert a significant positive impact on human and ecosystem health, sustainable global development, and resource management and conservation, at local, regional and global scales.

The department offers a BA, BS, a Minor in Environmental Sciences, a Minor in Earth and Atmospheric Sciences (EASC), a Minor in Sustainability Sciences (SSC), a Concentration in Environmental Management with the Goizueta Business School BBA Program, a five-year (4+1) BS/MPH with the Environmental Health Department in Rollins School of Public Health, a five-year (4+1) BS/MS with Laney Graduate School of Arts and Sciences and a two-year ENVS Master of Science program with the Laney Graduate School.