West Nile Virus Research


Our goal is to estimate the transmission risk of WNV and other arboviruses in metropolitan Atlanta. We are using field observations, semi-natural and laboratory experiments in order to more accurately understand the role of mosquitoes in the transmission of WNV in urban environments.

This lab offers unique opportunities for undergraduates to get field and lab experience while working with experts in the epidemiological fields. Questions and individual research are highly encouraged, and regular lab meetings offer an opportunity to present scientific papers as well as ideas for further lab-sponsored individual research projects.


About Us

To contact us:

Dr. Uriel Kitron

Phone: 404-712-8728

E-mail: ukitron@emory.edu

Dr. Gonzalo Vazquez Prokopec


E-mail: gmvazqu@emory.edu

Emory University

Department of Environmental Studies

Math and Science Center

400 Dowman Drive

Atlanta, GA, 30322



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